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« Just a few clicks away

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Reliable and innovative exhibition solutions to accompany you wherever you exhibit.

Our approach

Carefully curated exhibition solutions

Comparing kiosk offers online can be challenging.

At The portable company, we have made it our mission to simplify your life by limiting the choice to four options, each catering to a unique exhibitor profile.

With over 25 years of experience in the exhibition industry, we are confident in providing you with the most efficient solutions on the market.

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Our solutions

Simplicity, efficiency, durability
Four sections to quickly find what you need

Kiosque The Portable Company

Portable Kiosks


No compromise, make a big impression with our portable modular solutions that closely resemble modular solutions requiring specialized installation teams and wooden transport crates.

Modular and Scalable Solution

Evolve your kiosk as your business grows, play with the modules, and adapt the shape and functions of your kiosk according to the environment of your event.

High-Quality Printing, Let the Image Shine

We have chosen sublimation printing on fabric; the colors are vibrant, the images are perfectly stretched, and they seamlessly blend with the supporting structure.

Practical and autonomous transport

Packaged in rolling covers, our solutions offer you total autonomy to exhibit wherever and whenever you want.

Booth Backdrops

A highly visual impact solution

Booth backdrops are the first thing that catches the eye of your customers. It represents your expertise, supports your message, and you only have a few seconds to convey what you do.

In summary,booth backdrops are not just decorative elements but powerful tools to enhance your brand’s visibility, capture visitors’ attention, and effectively communicate your key messages. They contribute to creating a memorable experience for your prospects and clients while reinforcing your company’s identity and credibility.


Elegance, reliability, user-friendliness, innovation

The 3 most popular solutions, elegant, reliable, easy-to-use, and innovative products.

From the counter for welcoming to our roller banner for displaying your message, and our foldable showcase.


Simplify your life

Whether it’s graphic design, editorial choices, transportation or storage organization, we provide you with professional solutions with attention to detail.


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We have also had the privilege of producing and supporting renowned French companies at the NYSCC trade show, including Givaudan and Rossow,
When it comes to participating in a trade show or professional exhibition, the question of designing and building the...


The Portable Company for our trade show events. The quality of work was outstanding, and the service provided was exceptional. A big thank you to David for his professionalism, insightful recommendations, and ability to adapt to my specific needs. He guided me through the entire process and offered personalized solutions. I highly recommend The Portable Company for all your trade show booth needs. Thank you for everything!


We had the pleasure of working with David from The Portable Company on two occasions, and he has always exceeded our expectations. Not only is the quality of the products exceptional, but the service is even more impressive. David is one of the few who recognizes the importance of after-sales service. He puts himself in the customer's shoes and finds concrete solutions to the reality of trade shows. I highly recommend The Portable Company.


The Portable Company supported us in creating the Widescape booth for our events. Working with David and his team was a true pleasure from start to finish. Their team consists of true professionals who provided excellent advice throughout the project, and the result exceeded our expectations.
From the beginning, we had complete confidence in David and his team. They were responsive, reliable, and always ready to quickly address our concerns. They are attentive and well aware of the challenges and nuances of our industry.
We are truly grateful to have The Booth Company as a business partner. Their support, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence made our booth a total success. We highly recommendThe Portable Company to anyone seeking a reliable and exceptional promotional materials supplier.

Sébastien Hanssens

Marketing & communications lead

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