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Booth Backdrops

A highly visual impact

Our solutions

Our Solutions It’s the first thing that catches your customers’ eye; it represents your expertise, supports your message. You only have a few seconds to convey what you do.

We have selected 3 systems that have the same function but not for the same use.



Impeccable finish, professional rendering

XPÉRIENCE represents an innovative solution for a foldable fabric stand, equipped with grooved corner bars that allow easy insertion of a visual printed on opaque fabric.

The finish is carefully done using silicone joints, ensuring exceptional color rendering and perfect tension.

The structure can be set up in a matter of seconds, and the visual easily inserts into the groove.

XPÉRIENCE is further enhanced by its ease of transport. It can be conveniently stored in a roller bag.

XPÉRIENCE comes in various formats, straight or curved, and even offers illuminated versions.


Versatile, for intensive use

Thanks to its ingenious magnetic connector system, our product offers an incredibly fast setup time, clocking in at under a minute.

It has been specially designed for situations where assembly needs to be quick and frequent.

The sublimation-printed fabric visual provides colors of exceptional quality, offering a striking visual impact.

Furthermore, despite its robustness, our product remains lightweight with a minimal weight of 8.3 kg for the 3×3 version. This makes it the lightest and easiest-to-transport video wall on the market.


Scalable and space-saving

Easily assemble the Contour frame in under 10 minutes without the need for tools, thanks to our simple and intuitive connector system.

Install the visual like putting on a sock and achieve an exceptional result that covers the entire structure.

With a thickness of 40 mm, the Contour frame won’t encroach on your exhibition space.

Versatile, the Contour frame adapts to your needs. The structure can be modified by replacing only a few parts, and you have the option to add compatible additional modules, such as TV mounts or shelves, for example.

Contour is packaged extremely compactly, allowing you to take it with you wherever you go or ship it without hassle.

Contour: An Environmentally Friendly Approach

  • Our commitment to the environment is reflected in the design of Contour stands. By reusing materials, we contribute significantly to reducing waste production.


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