Xtension 10′ Kiosk


xtension squared | the portable stand with the perfect sides!

Thanks to the magnetic bars that attach to the sides, the edges are perfectly straight and clean for a clean finish.exceptional picture. xtension.squared is forgotten for the benefit of your communication.





Xtension is an umbrella stand made on a textile support, with exceptional color rendering.

The visual remains connected to the structure, so assembly and disassembly are simple, quick and intuitive!
Light and not bulky, you will carry xtension. everywhere !
xtension. offers you 4 structure formats: 3×1, 3×2, 3×3, 3×4

Umbrella stand
A very light eight aluminum structurere. The hooks ofThe visual hooks are molded directly into the knots to offer unparalleled tension.
Adjustable stabilizer feet
xtension. is in place in two, three movements! Its magnetic connectors allow the solution to be assembled and disassembled in 30 seconds
Handy, ergonomic,
simple, umbrella stand structure xtension. is forgotten for the benefit of your communication

5 good reasons to choose xtension
1.Easy and quick to assemble: Thanks to a system of magnetic connectors, and a visual that attaches using hook-and-loop pads, the structure can be assembled and disassembled in 30 seconds!
2. Aesthetics: Stretched, opaque and wrinkle-resistant, the visual offers a qualitative and top-of-the-range rendering.
3.Practical: The visual remains attached to the structure, allowing very simple storage and minimum bulk.
4.Lightweight: The aluminum structure and the visuals printed on fabric make the solution light and easily transportable (10.8 lbs for xtension 3×3).
5.Durable: The solution adapts very easily to the evolution of your communication, the visuals being interchangeable


Reference XTE2-3×4

Technical sheet

Space 10X10
Width 118”
Height 89”
Format 10′ In width
Depth 11.5 ”
Your need Customizable
Structure Aluminum
Production time 5-7 business days after final PROOF approval
Options Spotlights, wheeled bag, rigid transport case
Weight 21,38 lbs,
Visual Textile
Assembly time 1 minute
Transport Soft Cover | Rigid crate on wheels


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